Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) 8.1 pre-releases are thoroughly tested, and can be installed from this page! Please read our DRAFT IIAB 8.1 Release Notes.

To install IIAB 8.1 onto Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu 22.04+, Linux Mint 21+ or Debian 11+, simply run this 1-line installer:

curl | bash

On a Raspberry Pi, WE RECOMMEND YOU INSTALL THE LATEST RASPBERRY PI OS (64-bit is recommended), using their detailed instructions if necessary. WARNING: THE NOOBS OS IS *NOT* SUPPORTED, as its partitioning is very different. To attempt an IIAB install onto a non-supported Linux distribution (AT YOUR OWN RISK) see also the manual/legacy instructions.

An Ethernet cable is highly recommended during installation. This is not only more reliable, but also allows an internal IIAB hotspot to be set up without confusion. WARNING: IF YOU CONNECT YOUR IIAB'S INTERNAL WIFI TO THE INTERNET OVER 5 GHz, YOU'LL PREVENT OLDER LAPTOPS/PHONES/TABLETS (WHICH REQUIRE 2.4 GHz) FROM CONNECTING TO YOUR IIAB'S INTERNAL HOTSPOT. For AP+STA mode, set "wifi_up_down: True" in /etc/iiab/local_vars.yml (example).

Thanks For Building Your Own Library To Serve One & All

Please contact us if you find issues, Thank You! Special Thanks to the countries + communities + volunteers working non-stop to bring about IIAB 8.1 !

IIAB Dev Team

Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) 6.4 Release Notes...will later appear here:

To install IIAB 6.4 PRE-RELEASE onto (either) Raspbian Stretch on RPi3:

   curl | sudo bash

This takes about 1.5 hours, if you have a fast Internet connection.
An far faster 1-line installer is below, if you want fewer server apps:

   curl | sudo bash

Conversely a much larger (but far slower) installation is possible, if
you want to experiment with a full suite of servers apps:

   curl | sudo bash

In all cases, an Ethernet (live Internet) cable installed into the back
of your Raspberry Pi 3 is *VERY* strongly recommended during installation!

Full instructions here:

For an earlier prefab image:

Please post your specific needs to our discussion forums
where we aim to respond to all (conscientious) questions within about 24 hours.

Thanks For Building Your Own Library To Serve All !

An especially big thank you to the many countries/communities who've worked
non-stop doing this, to bring about IIAB 6.4:

IIAB Development Team