Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) 8.0 pre-releases are thoroughly tested, and can be installed from this page! Please read our DRAFT IIAB 8.0 Release Notes.

To install IIAB 8.0 onto Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu 22.04+, Linux Mint 21+ or Debian 11+, simply run this 1-line installer:

curl | bash

On a Raspberry Pi, WE RECOMMEND YOU INSTALL THE LATEST RASPBERRY PI OS (64-bit is recommended), using their detailed instructions if necessary. WARNING: THE NOOBS OS IS *NOT* SUPPORTED, as its partitioning is very different. To attempt an IIAB install onto a non-supported Linux distribution (AT YOUR OWN RISK) see also the manual/legacy instructions.

An Ethernet cable is highly recommended during installation. This is not only more reliable, but also allows an internal IIAB hotspot to be set up without confusion. WARNING: IF YOU CONNECT YOUR IIAB'S INTERNAL WIFI TO THE INTERNET OVER 5 GHz, YOU'LL PREVENT OLDER LAPTOPS/PHONES/TABLETS (WHICH REQUIRE 2.4 GHz) FROM CONNECTING TO YOUR IIAB'S INTERNAL HOTSPOT. For AP+STA mode, set "wifi_up_down: True" in /etc/iiab/local_vars.yml (example).

Thanks For Building Your Own Library To Serve One & All

Please contact us if you find issues, Thank You! Special Thanks to the countries + communities + volunteers working non-stop to bring about IIAB 8.0 !

IIAB Dev Team
http://FAQ.IIAB.IO Index of /6.4/rpi/old/

Index of /6.4/rpi/old/

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README.3.html1.8 KiB2017-Sep-03 15:53
README.4.html1.8 KiB2017-Sep-03 15:51
README.txt1.2 KiB2017-Jul-24 11:41
README2.html5.7 KiB2017-Jul-24 17:08
load-ansible2.4.0-vpn.txt3.4 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:19
load-big-ansible2.4.0-vpn.txt3.5 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:19
load-big-piptest-vpn.txt4.0 KiB2017-Sep-17 20:09
load-big-venvtest-vpn.txt4.1 KiB2017-Sep-18 22:52
load-big-vpn5.txt2.7 KiB2017-Sep-16 03:39
load-big-vpn6.txt3.3 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:19
load-big5.txt2.3 KiB2017-Sep-13 07:54
load-big6.txt2.9 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:19
load-eth0-dnsmasq-vpn.txt2.8 KiB2017-Sep-14 22:05
load-lite-vpn-prep3.txt2.4 KiB2017-Aug-31 18:10
load-lite-vpn-prep4.txt2.8 KiB2017-Sep-01 15:31
load-lite-vpn1.txt3.9 KiB2017-Aug-29 01:14
load-lite-vpn3.txt2.4 KiB2017-Aug-31 18:10
load-lite1.txt1.5 KiB2017-Jul-10 03:16
load-lite2.txt3.8 KiB2017-Aug-28 22:57
load-lite3.txt2.0 KiB2017-Aug-31 18:10
load-min-ansible2.4.0-vpn.txt3.5 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:18
load-min-ansibletest-vpn5.txt3.9 KiB2017-Sep-17 13:08
load-min-piptest-vpn.txt4.0 KiB2017-Sep-17 17:51
load-min-venvtest-vpn.txt4.1 KiB2017-Sep-18 22:52
load-min-vpn1.txt1.5 KiB2017-Aug-07 13:12
load-min-vpn2.txt3.9 KiB2017-Aug-29 01:14
load-min-vpn3.txt2.4 KiB2017-Aug-31 18:10
load-min-vpn5.txt2.7 KiB2017-Sep-16 03:39
load-min-vpn6.txt3.3 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:18
load-min1.txt3.8 KiB2017-Aug-28 22:56
load-min3.txt2.0 KiB2017-Aug-31 18:10
load-min5.txt2.3 KiB2017-Sep-13 07:54
load-min6.txt2.9 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:18
load-nocmdsrvsedorsleep-vpn.txt3.4 KiB2017-Sep-19 01:45
load-piptest-vpn.txt3.9 KiB2017-Sep-17 17:51
load-prep-only.txt1.8 KiB2017-Aug-28 22:55
load-prep6.txt1.5 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:18
load-test-vpn.txt2.8 KiB2017-Sep-14 19:47
load-udevreboot-vpn.txt2.9 KiB2017-Sep-30 14:22
load-venvtest-vpn.txt4.0 KiB2017-Sep-18 22:50
load-vpn1.txt1.5 KiB2017-Aug-07 13:25
load-vpn2.txt3.8 KiB2017-Aug-29 01:13
load-vpn3.txt2.4 KiB2017-Aug-31 18:09
load-vpn5.txt2.7 KiB2017-Sep-13 07:54
load-vpn6.txt3.3 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:18
load1.txt1.3 KiB2017-Jul-14 05:48
load3.txt1.8 KiB2017-Aug-31 18:10
load5.txt2.1 KiB2017-Sep-13 07:54
load6.txt2.7 KiB2017-Sep-28 08:18
local_vars1.yml3.5 KiB2017-Aug-30 14:30
local_vars3.yml3.6 KiB2017-Aug-31 19:54
local_vars_lite1.yml3.5 KiB2017-Aug-29 00:46
local_vars_lite3.yml3.6 KiB2017-Aug-31 19:55
local_vars_lite4.yml3.7 KiB2017-Sep-01 10:50
local_vars_lite_vpn1.yml3.5 KiB2017-Aug-08 02:34
local_vars_lite_vpn3.yml3.6 KiB2017-Aug-31 19:55
local_vars_lite_vpn4.yml3.7 KiB2017-Sep-01 10:50
local_vars_min1.yml3.5 KiB2017-Aug-07 13:21
local_vars_min3.yml3.6 KiB2017-Aug-31 19:55
local_vars_min_vpn1.yml3.5 KiB2017-Jul-22 14:30
local_vars_min_vpn3.yml3.6 KiB2017-Aug-31 19:55
local_vars_test_vpn.yml3.7 KiB2017-Sep-14 19:43
local_vars_vpn1.yml3.5 KiB2017-Aug-30 14:31
local_vars_vpn3.yml3.6 KiB2017-Aug-31 19:54